loseAlso, in the course of following a fitness program, each of you at some point of time is bound to reach a weight loss plateau which can be frustrating. In addition to following a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are some techniques which do not call for much effort, but are nevertheless effective in losing weight.

Here are ways by which you can trick your body into losing weight without much effort. 

Build on your muscle

Exercises like cardio have a fat burning effect only till the time you are actually engaged in the workout by increasing your metabolism. But exercises like strength training help to build muscle and this has the effect of raising your resting metabolic rate. Thus, you continue to burn fat well after you are out of your workouts. Muscles burn massive amount of calories and with more muscle mass, your body is made to get into more of calorie burn, thus helping you to lose weight in the process. Eating a protein rich diet helps in muscle building. 

Give visual treats

Many a times we eat not because of physical hunger but just to treat our eyes set on a yummy dish. If you are tempted to binge on a delicious\ looking food, simply stare at a picture of it. Your brain is most likely to get satisfied by the mere sight of the food, thus helping to cut your cravings. You will no longer have the urge to devour food.  

Eat slowly

By the time your brain sends you the signal of fullness, you would have gulped down quite a few additional mouthfuls. Make use of economical Nutrisystem couponoffers and order diverse diet foods from Nutrisystem. Eating slow fills in the time gap between the time the signals are received by the brain and your actual process of eating. Chewing your food well, makes you feel as though you have eaten a good amount and this helps to lower your intake and thus promote weight loss.  

Fake starvation

You can fake starvation by cutting down your carb intake. The calorie deficit as a result of the reduced calorie intake forces the body to withdraw the stored fats and convert them to energy to fuel the metabolic process. The continued low carb intake replicates a situation of starvation and makes the body use up the reserve fats helping to lose weight.

Include fiber foods in your diet

Include fiber enriched foods in your diet. These include whole grains, vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables), whole fruits, nuts and seeds. These foods have more of bulk/fiber but are low on calories. As a result, you attain satiety faster, thereby effectively reducing your calorie intake. And control on the calorie intake is the key to successful and healthy weight loss.

The essential elements to weight loss are calorie controlled diet and exercises. To compound the efforts of these elements and attain faster weight loss, you can implement the above mentioned ways which trick your body into losing weight.